Live Music and Entertainment

We are convinced that live music and entertainment take the experience of an event to a higher level. We believe that music can rapture you, move you, surprise you and evoke an emotion. Every band or DJ you book with us has done that to us, and believe us; they will do that at your event too!
We also have an extensive network through which we can offer well-known artists accompanied by our own musicians. All this with only one goal: to move your audience.

There is no “one solution fits all” when it comes to live music and entertainment. Who you are matters, who the artist is matters, your audience matters, the type of event matters. With a personal touch and our direct connections with entertainers, we can find the perfect match for your event, together with you.

No clue what you want? We are happy to help inspire. See below a selection from our database.


Eventfabriek has different types of DJs. Whether you want a party DJ or one who plays house music in the background, we have the perfect DJ for every occasion that feels the mood of the audience and can adapt to exactly what they need. Even if your audience might not know what they need themselves.

DJ Meneer Heerens Live muziek en entertainment

DJ Mr Smit

His speciality? Play the right song at the right time! Mr Smit has an enormous musical knowledge and experience in playing during various events.

Did you know DJ Mr Smit can also be booked in combination with a saxophonist, violinist and other musicians?

DJ Miss Brown

If you are looking for a great all round DJ then you want DJ Miss Brown! With her beautiful appearance, very good music knowledge and feeling for playing the audience, she is the best choice to take your event to a higher level!

DJ Meneer Heerens

A hit for sure; that is DJ Meneer Heerens. Imagine Hip Hop, Rock ‘n Roll, and Disco from the 60’s to now, and also literally has everything on vinyl. No digital tools for this spinning boss. He spins vinyl better than Sleeping Beauty cooks bobbins – as he says so himself.


Whether you want to have a famous Dutch person sing at your party or another artist; at Eventfabriek, we have different types of artists. Give your party just a little more spice, and we will arrange the perfect artist for your event.

Born Live muziek en eintertainment
Jonny Smokes Live muziek en entertainment

MC Choral

With her unique voice and perfect timing, MC Choral takes every DJ booth to the next level. Her powerful vocals and rousing shout-outs will make any audience swing. It is clear that this lady knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

Pianist Born

Born Sanders is the perfect pianist for a ceremony, reception, drink or pleasant evening. He can play on an existing piano or grand piano if it is tuned. Or he can bring his own electric piano with grand piano conversion and sound.

Jonny Smokes

The one-man band from America. He takes you to Seattle, the city of rock. Jonny Smokes brings Seattle music with conviction in a way only he can. With his walking skills, his energy and his passionate voice, he knows how to touch everyone.


An opening act, hostesses or an act that will be there for the rest of the evening? At Eventfabriek, we have a different type of act for every occasion. Whether it has something to do with fire or whether the hostesses make your guests feel right at home, we have you covered!

Robin Matrix Live music and entertainment
Steltlopers Live music and entertainment

The Mirror Family

The starting point for the act is Leonardo da Vinci’s fascination with mirrors and his attempt to create the first mirror man! Their entire body is covered from head to toe with hundreds of mirrors. The result is a stunning reflective creature that reflects the light of the world directly onto its viewers! So you want The Mirror Family at your event!

Robin Matrix

Robin Matrix has been interested in everything that has to do with magic since he was 8 years old. Not knowing that he would soon become one of the most booked magicians in the Netherlands. Robin Matrix always knows a way to amaze guests, whether it’s with his table magic, pickpocketing or a custom-made show.


Complete your event with a dynamic act on stilts! We have a very extensive directory with countless surprising, professional, but also over-the-top creative options in the field of stilt entertainment for your company party, wedding or event.


At Eventfabriek, we have different types of bands that know exactly what a party is and therefore know how to feel the audience.

Feel like singing along, dancing and stepping completely out of your comfort zone? For example, with the band Karaoke Cats, you can go on stage with the band to sing along. Or see a few more options below.

JATOCH Live music and entertainment
Steam Sister Live music and entertainment


Recognize that feeling you have when you see a famous band and think, I was there 5 years ago in my living room! That is the feeling that could just come true after seeing FRIDAY, the new Dutch pop sensation.


One beat, one bass line, one melody: that’s all JATOCH needs to create a small explosion at any festival or club. Acoustic or amplified and able to move between sets, they are a perfect little bomb to take anywhere.

Steam Sister

This is for anyone who likes to party, take it to the extreme, and beyond. The Steam Sister brings you covers like you’ve never heard them before. Recognizable but not predictable. Sing until your voice is gone and your new idols are found.

The complete picture

Any act is not complete without great sound and lighting. As we are also specialised in AV we can take care of your complete entertainment needs. Our AV specialists have worked with our entertainers before and therefore know what is expected of them. All for that extra peace of mind for you.


Curious about what events we have worked on? View our cases below!