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Time is every event manager’s worst enemy; if you’re looking for a challenge, do a last-minute event. Although a short period of time from preparation to implementation increases the stakes, it also provides extra energy. This is an event to sink your teeth into.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

last minute event

Hybrid talk show

At the beginning of December, IkPas – the organization behind the Dutch Dry January – asked us if we wanted to help them organize a Hybrid Talk Show on Quittersday. An opportunity to motivate their participants to continue their alcohol break. “Naturally!” we said. We can organize online/hybrid events. When is Quittersday, actually? January 12? That meant six weeks (including the Christmas holidays) to create a complete production from scratch with famous Dutch guests, location scouting, complete AV set-up, direction and editing. Bring it on!


To make such an extensive production a success, you need the right people in the right place. In one of our first real team-ups, we joined forces with ICP. While we at Eventfabriek ensured that everything was correct organizationally and production-wise, ICP took care of the content. This way, we were able to make the complete picture perfect.

last minute event
last minute event borrel


Such a project is not without risk. Especially when you realize that it was the first time that we were asked to supervise an event for IkPas. Thanks to our listening ear, we were able to identify the customer’s real wishes. Thanks to their trust in our expertise, we were able to make them come to life. And so, on January 12, 2024, we were able to run the cameras in DeFabrique in Utrecht and put on a very nice show for everyone on location and at home with, among others, Anouk Hoogendijk (former national soccer team player), Sander Hoogendoorn (radio DJ) and Leendert Wijland (TV personality).

What our customers say

“It was quite a challenge: organizing a hybrid event on location within a month and a half, with the allure of a TV show. The Event Factory helped us with this by quickly creating a complete script and organizing and executing the complete production. We were almost completely unburdened and worked together quickly and effectively when they needed our input. Also important: besides the fact that they are a very professional and talented team, it is also great fun working with them! The event was a great success and is certainly worth repeating. We look forward to the sequel!”

Martijn Planken | IkPas Project Leader | IkPas 2024

last minute event
last minute event


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